LOCKDOWN / CLEARDOWN PRICING - 25th May 2020 - revised 9th June 2020

Conditions and delivery details

1. Click on the image for prices and further details.

2. For the sake of fairness, in order to filter any dribble, (nay, dare one even hope for a trickle?) of any possible interest in any of these pieces via various social media, I will accept and will process a first firm commitment to purchase per piece VIA THE CONTACT FORM ON THE CONTACT PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE ONLY PLEASE. Please contact me this way for purchases or any further details. Any approaches via Facebook or Instagram are great and I'm very grateful of course, but it can only be fair if I process any sales / enquiries through this website only.

3. I am quite happy to deliver any purchased pieces free of charge within an 8 mile radius of Crowborough. Any further than that I can either ask Dominic Cummings to deliver it for me or I will get details of any extra cost necessary for the postage and let you know.

4. Of course feel free to make any further enquiries about any of the works also via the contact form.