What is a Giclee print ?

It is a fine art print produced on a professional grade printer using the highest quality pigment inks on archival quality, fine-art paper. They are virtually indistinguishable from the original work.

All prints are made with an appropriate white border to facilitate subsequent mounting / framing.



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Will Waving at walkers

from an original painting: oil on canvas 2020 

This is my teddy, WhatTheMarket Will Bear (Will for short).

He's woken up in the morning after one or two too many at the Crow and Gate pub, having slept under a tree.... he didn't seem to be able to get home last night.

Luckily Will is impervious to hangovers, so he is really enjoying himself waving happily to greet people on their early morning walks.

This is living Will!

Will at Coden Beach

from an original painting: oil on canvas 2020


This is my teddy, WhatTheMarket Will Bear (Will for short).

Will has dashed to Cooden beach, whipped off his Speedos, left them on the beach along with everything else he doesn't really need, and charged butt naked into the sea.Something perhaps we all ought to do once the Covid shadows have finally passed. His mate Colin Crab is waving him on (it's OK, they're in a bubble).

True freedom this, Will........ really Running To Paradise (with apologies to Yeats)

Dodododo Dadadada

from an original painting: oil on canvas 2020


A sideways look at what my mate Dave calls us Western consumers……. ‘the seduced’.

Shoppers in a sterile urban landscape, weighed down with plastic and leather goods, whilst a Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger, extinct at Man's hand, haunt the scene. The Dodo, glaring at one human, comments in a fundamental (sic) form on the pavement behind.

But look!.... are those green shoots ? ...... is this hope??

Who knows.......... it might be a Triffid.......

Mithlond of Paddington Arm

from an original painting: oil on canvas 2020


An allegory on life and death.

'Mithlond' is Tolkein’s elvish port from which Bilbo Baggins took his final journey to the hereafter, and here the ferryman Charon takes his customers onward down the Regents Canal.

We who must remain live and look on from behind the fence, casting our tributes whilst Shakespeare reminds us - courtesy of the sonnet referenced on the unused flagpole - that we too must one day board this vessel.